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Meet Our Team

Alex Darko

Alex Darko


Born in UK, made in Ghana. Lover of Food, Photography & Technology. Background in Sales/IT/Banking & having worked for a Global South African tech company, Alex is a perfect fit to lead this company into success in Ghana & across Africa.

Sharna Darko

Sharna Darko


Former owner of a ladieswear boutique, current owner of a Jamaican food delivery service. Sharna has a wealth of experience to draw from, relating to the entrepreneurial journey that adds value to Menufinder Africa.

Emmanuel Awoonor

Emmanuel Awoonor


Emmanuel has delivered several technology and cybersecurity initiatives across various countries (Ghana, USA, Switzerland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, and France). He brings on-board a wealth of knowledge and skills in the end-to-end secure software development. He is also a certified ethical hacker.

Ebenezer Apeagyei

Ebenezer Apeagyei


Strong expertise in Digital Marketing and a wealth of experiences with top European Agencies. Ebenezer brings a very firm and balanced perspective to the team and has a knack for sourcing the right resources at the right time. A perfect fit for Menufinder Africa leadership.

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